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About us

Who is the Managing Director and owner of this sole owner company?

Dr.Hamid Sadrehashemi graduated from 7 year course of faculty of Medicine as M.D., then got Board of Pediatrics followed by 3 years successful residency at Children's Hospital Medical Center,approved of Virginia Medical School, then fellowship certificate of pediatric nephrology followed by 2 years residency at the same center in 1982, also he got two certificates in pediatric allergy and impotence after two years practicing in California Medical Centetrs in 1989.

After graduation from Medical School to the present he has been a volunteer Doctor in different countries and intends to continue until the end of his life. As usual we donate medications to poor patients from our sources.

We are proud of selling highest quality products with official certificate of analysis and certificate of manufacturer from the most famous producers of the United States, Canada and Europe.

Currently we are doing trading between 22 countries and welcoming new countries to join us.

In our branches 47 personnel are on duty to provide services to our customers.

Top members:

Vice Managing Director: Mrs. Nahid Sadrehashemi

Coordinator for European branches : Miss. Mahtab Behamin

Coordinator for U.S. & Canada: Miss. Mahsa Behamin

Coordinator of Electronic Center:  Mr. Mehdi Behamin










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